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Basswood Strips

Our new line of basswood model builder strips for the European market. Basswood is a light and flexible wood that is very suitable for model building.

The name basswood is what mostly is used in Northern America. Here in Europe a more appropriate name would be Tilia, Lind, Linden or Lime but in model builders world the name basswood is more common as it has never really been widely available in Europe previously.


  • Aprox 4% lighter then Pine/Fur
  • Color: Creamy White to Light Yellow/Brown
  • Grain is straight with a fine even texture and a moderate natural luster
  • Endgrain is diffuse porous with indistinct grow rings making the relatively soft material good for carving and general model building
  • Glues and finishes well
  • Available in sizes from: 1 x 1 x 915 mm to 20 x 20 x 915 mm
  • Also available - Light and Flexible Basswood Plywood!

Compared to Traditional Pine/Fur Strips:

  • More tough (easier to bend and shape)
  • Slightly more soft
  • Slightly lighter

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