UV kovettuva liima ZAP IT 4g + UV valo

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UV kovettuva liima ZAP IT 4g + UV valo

UV-valoa antava valokynä ja UV-valolla kuivuva liima/korjausgeeli. Korjaa, liimaa, paikkaa tai muovaa käyttäen UV-valoa. Kovettuu heti UV valon ansiosta. Heti työstettävissä; hio, poraa, maalaa, kiillota.
Kovettuu vain UV valossa, joten helppo poistaa ennen kovettamista.

ZAP IT - The light curing glue manufactured by ZAP

Fix, seal & fill cracks, it bonds virtually everything!

  • Weight: 4 g
  • Apply, light and done!
  • 2500 lb (over 1t) strength
  • Paintable
  • Sandable


  • Fill wood and metal
  • Decorate shoes and purses
  • Bond on stones and crystals
  • Repair and reinforce spit cables by light curing on command
  • Bond, reinforce and seal wood to wood, tile to tile



  • This product is light sensitive. Exposure to daylight, UV light and artificial light should be kept to a minimum during storage and handling to prevent curing.
  • Protect clothing & work surfaces (aluminium foil works well)
  • POINT TUBE AWAY FROM FACE AND BODY. DO NOT SQUEEZE TUBE WHILE PUNCTURING. To puncture, screw nozzle and cap assembly onto tube completely
  • Remove outer cap
  • Apply glue sparingly (one drop per square inch) to one surface only. For optimum bonding, surfaces should be clean and dry. Do not spread glue with fingers or nozzle.
  • Clean tip and replace cap immediately after applying glue (make sure the light covers all the dispensed glue). Keep the distance between the light and hlue short for better cure (less than 5cm). The light will not penetrate substrates that aren't clear.
  • Store in cool, dry, dark place.

* Steel to steel after 24 hours elapsed.


Manufacturer's number: 90002

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